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The Garden by Nevius


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Wow. For several weeks now, I've been sucked into this story, and loved it. Virtually sleepless nights, and obligations unfulfilled, have only now stopped because I've finished this wonderful story. http://awesomedude.com/nevius/


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Is there another completed series you can recommend? I prefer those with relationships, love, personal discovery, but a bit sparse on actual sex scenes. Casual mention is fine, but graphic detail leaves me unimpressed as most of it is gratuitous.

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I just finished the Foley-Mashburn series by Brew Maxwell on Crvboy. Everyone else has probably read it as it began in 2002, but I just read it now, finished it tonight in fact. It's all about relationships, love, and leaning about being gay in a supporting environment. It's incredibly long, and very well done.

If you haven't read it, you should look at it. It starts with the story 'Tim.'

I also liked the Colby Series by Tim Mead a lot. It's also at Crvboy.


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Not sure what to say about the story. It is a saga in the tradition of Foley/Mashburn or Sequoyah's "Special Place" or Joel's "Mystery and Mayhem" tales. Every such author tends to have quirks that annoy me, yet I keep reading. This one kind of stumbled across the finish line but on a sufficiently upbeat note.


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Reading this again because it's a repeat "Pick from the Past."  

My only real complaint is that the story is presented in orange type on a grey background, too blinding for me.  Thankfully my iPhone has a "Readers View" option that allows me to convert the pages to something I can actually view.  Someday it would be nice to modernize these pages to make them more readable.


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