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Sexual harassment accused praises gay man's package


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Sexual harassment accused praises gay man's package

A woman accused of sexually harassing a gay man she claimed she respected like a brother said his private parts were "very large for a small man".

Allwyn Rondeau, a guard for G4S Security Services at Heathrow airport, repeatedly told 42-year-old Lucy Chilton, from Staines, that he was gay and not interested, a tribunal heard last week.

Ms Chilton told the panel she was involved in a relationship and could not have harassed Mr Rondeau because she did not find him attractive.

She claimed that Mr Rondeau - who has lived with his gay partner for 15 years in Feltham - was the one making inappropriate advances and said on one occasion he lifted up his shirt and his trouser zip was undone.

She said: "He exposed himself to me but he still had his pants on.

"This was his idea of a joke. I was very shocked and embarrassed and tried to make a joke of it.

"I did comment that it was big for a very small man, or something to that effect."

She claimed she then pushed Mr Rondeau away.

The panel heard how Mr Rondeau had been suspended from duty while bosses at G4S investigated complaints by Ms Chilton. They found no evidence.

Cross-examining, Bushra Ahmed said the client was the real victim having had to put up with sustained harassment.

She told Ms Chilton: "The reason you put in a grievance was because you did not like him and the reason you did not like him is because he is gay."

"No," replied Ms Chilton, "I respect him as a brother and I do not mind his sexuality."

Mr Rondeau is suing his employers and four co-employees for discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation.

The hearing was adjourned until February 6 when both parties will make submissions prior to a written judgement.

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