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Brandenburg Gate, by Douglas

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Cue the zither, Orson! Shades of The Third Man!  I’ve been hooked onto waiting impatiently for each episode of this adventure to post. Every chapter reveals more and more of a postwar Europe where the true battle for freedom has barely begun.

But Cold War aside, Chapter 8 is a lovely remembrance of the J3 Piper Cub aircraft.  I grew up not too many miles from the Piper production facility at Lock Haven, Pennsylvania, and driving by the fields adjacent to the factory you could see hundreds of parked Cubs lined up and glowing in their familiar bright canary yellow livery, awaiting delivery.  I am not a pilot, but I have experienced this iconic aircraft’s sedate behavior in flight a number of times as a passenger and it was just exactly as genteel as Douglas has captured for us.  It was the trainer of choice for hundreds of highschool flight clubs throughout my home state.

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