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News & Views - February 17, 2008


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Hi Gang,

Few stories have generated as much comment as EleCivil's Laika, which wrapped up last weekend. Check out the comments in Readers Rule and while you're there, check out the growing thread on Cole Parker's Duck Duck Goose, not yet finished but building to a climax. Something in the styles of these two authors inspire people to comment publicly on their stories, partly because both these fine authors enjoy interaction with their readers in the AD Forums, something I highly encourage. That said... some authors seldom or NEVER make an appearance in the forums and are happy to receive reader comments in email or using the Feedback Forums. But one thing is common of all our authors, they DO take encouragement and pleasure from hearing from you, whether it be in an open forum or more privately. Readership and forum participation is free... the only thing we ask is that you do let your favorite authors know you appreciate and enjoy their efforts. And hey, if you like a story, don't be shy about starting a thread about it in Readers Rule!

Let's take a look at what's new for this week.

Short Stories

Fellow Travellers by Camy (A new one by Camy - he insists it's not auto-biographical)

Complete Novel

Billie Joe's Journey - Book One by Rick Beck (The first of a 3-book series on a compelling subject)

Serial Novel Chapter Updates

Desert Fantasies by Jack Scribe - Chapter 22

Jeet by Josh - Chapter 33

Duck Duck Goose by Cole Parker - Chapters 30 & 31

Family and Friends Series by - Ron Robbins - Mac Part 19

Outside The Foul Lines by Rick Beck - Chapter 10

One Moonlit Night by Steven Keiths - Chapter 13

Here's Looking At You, Kid by Douglas - Chapter 13

Moving On by Jack Frost - Chapter 16

Heart and Hooves: An Urban Fantasy by AJ - Chapter 10

One of the sites that used to attract many folks for excellent gay fiction on the web is about to go silent. The domain www.dabeagle.com/net expires in May of this year and apparently Dave doesn't plan to renew it. This is a shame. Even though Dave has never communicated with me, save for an indignant reply to my complaint about his not updating Alone With Myself by WBMS regularly before I even started AwesomeDude and one visit by him to our AD Forums where he commented on something negative said about him by one of our members, I have from the outset of AwesomeDude.com actively supported daBeagle with my own readership and with an unreciprocated link to his site. Although Dave may not have been the most congenial colleague in the gay fiction web publishing community, I do feel sadness at the coming end of his site. He's a great writer whose work should be appreciated. There's still time to go over and read the excellent stories at daBeagle before the May shutdown. Yeah... I have been asked by a number of our authors to host daBeagle's stories at AwesomeDude - something I'd be delighted to do, but frankly I doubt my offer would even receive a reply, much less acceptance. In any case we wish daBeagle all the best.

AwesomeDude Radio keeps chugging along with some new music being infused in to the mix in the coming weeks. Remember this is your Internet radio service... provided exclusively for the forum members, authors, editors and readers of AwesomeDude.com.

Oh, before I go... I'd like to say that our security measures have apparently eliminated (fingers and toes crossed) our spambot problems so approval for the site is back to normal... no special procedures. If you've had trouble joining in the past... please give it another go.

And whatever you do, don't forget to check out all the great stories, poems and forums at Codey's World, one of the best story sites around for young GLBTQ teens, founded by Codey and carried on by his band of merry lads since he left us.

That's a wrap for this week... have a great week of reading!

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