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An editor?

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Request an editor as you have done here and see who replies. You may also want to submit to the story editor here. I'm an editor; you may submit it to me also.

Here's my opinion on what an editor is looking for in a new story submission. Other editors and writers will agree or disagree.

Some editors will want to know something about the story first.

* Does the story meet the submission guidelines for the site or sites to which you will submit it?

* What is the story about? What type of story is it (genre, plot)?

~ One editor may not like science fiction, while another does, and a third will read anything.

Aside from that, an editor will read and give an initial opinion on it. An editor looks for a story that will interest the reader and keep him/her reading. Is it entertaining? Is it reasonably original? Does it have something to think about or something to tell? Those are all relative and hard to pin down exactly. (Hey, it's an art form, not a science.)

Understand that we (editors) would love to find the next best seller, the next great thrills-n-chills page-tuner or the next grand philosophy. -- Aw, who are we kidding? We would also be happy if our readers have something nice to read to occupy an hour or an evening or a week... or one night a week for the next few years....

We are looking for "good stories," readable stories, period.

It is a plus if, after the reader clicks away or puts down the printout, he or she is still thinking about what he or she read. If it helps that reader understand the human condition, or just have fun and relaxation away from that human condition, that's good.

It is a plus if the readers gain some better understanding of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and questioning people, whether that's the readers or someone they may know or meet. Some sites expect this. Some readers expect this. Some feel that if the reader is entertained and has something "worth reading," that is enough.

How are the plot and characters? What progressions or arcs do they make in the course of the piece?

What is the style like? Is it readable/enjoyable and a little different... even better, in a more advanced writer, is it the author's own distinctive voice? (If the author can vary his/her storytelling voice to fit the story type and the characters, very good.)

How are the spelling, grammar, and mechanics (punctuation, etc.)? -- It helps if your skills in English (or your native language) are good. You do not have to be perfect. Most writers aren't. You just have to be able to write well enough.

Sometimes a writer may have a special idea that breaks the expectations on manuscripts. That is fine, if you know what you are doing enough to write an engaging story.

You would be surprised. Most of these things are obvious within a few pages. It is nearly always clearly obvious by a short story or a chapter or two if a story is going to be worth reading. -- Think about what stories you've read held your interest, and which ones were ho-hum, and I think you'll see what I mean.

-- When in doubt, consider any needed changes to perfect your manuscript and submit it to an editor. You might have the next big hit!

* Note: Res Ipsa Locutor, your posts show you have some of the basics.

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