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News & Views March 09, 2008


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Hi Gang,

Another exiting week of reading for you! Two great stories by popular authors come to a conclusion this weekend... Jeet by Josh and Heart and Hooves: An Urban Fantasy by AJ. There is a lot of movement and drama in the final two chapters of Josh's exciting novel. I highly recommend it. Now Heart and Hooves is a story that promises to contine in some form or other and many readers may never want it to end.

While we move two excellent serial novels up to the Complete Recent Novels list we also begin a new one, the re-edited version of Love in a Chair by Altimexis. We'll be publishing this unique tale one chapter a week like clockwork so no need to wait for it to be completed. More good news, after a six month wait, Pieces of Destiny by John Francis finds Chapter 5 posted. The author, known in the AD Forums as The Pecman, has been a busy fellow at work and at the same time has been battling some kind of killer allergy but still managed to come up with another great chapter of this 'time travel' tale. I highly recommend this one too. Upcoming on our mid-week postings will be a new short story by Rick Beck so be sure to drop by for its debut on Wednesday.

Our Dude's Picks for March are out and as our Novel Pick we point you to a tale of life-long friendship of two young boys growing into something much more, The Least of These by Josh. A sweet , sad and romantic story from World War II is our Short Story Pick, Der Cowboy by Tragic Rabbit. Dude's Picks of The Month highlight stories that have been rotated off the front page but which are great reading.

OK.. let's have a look at the Current Serial Novel Chapter Updates:

Jeet by Josh - Chapters 36 - 37 - Epilog -FINAL-

Heart and Hooves: An Urban Fantasy by AJ - Chapter 13 -FINAL-

Love in a Chair by Altimexis - Chapter 1

Pieces of Destiny by John Francis - Chapter 5

Everybody's Wounded by Duncan Ryder - Chapter 19

Family and Friends Series by - Ron Robbins - Mac Part 22

Buzzards, Hawks and Ravens by Ruwen Rouhs - Chapter 12

Moving On by Jack Frost - Chapter 19

One Moonlit Night by Steven Keiths - Chapter 16

OK.. big news... Altimexis has put together a fun contest where one of you will get to write an episode of his popular Naptown Tales! To find out the rules and all details, click on the link to Naptown Tales at the very top of the AwesomeDude Home Page. It has to do with the mysterious Gym Incident mentioned first in Broad Ripple Blues and then in most subsequent episodes. This looks like a fun project and AwesomeDude has decided to participate and give it full support. Check it out! While you're checking things out... don't forget to head over to Codey's World and see what the guys over there are doing and the wide varied of stuff tailored for the younger crowd but with universal appeal. That's www.codeysworld.com.

Moving day is only three weeks away now and I'm getting excited. I've already located and secured my new digs and the kitties and I will go directly to our new home from the airport on the 30th. Looks like we'll be doing the March 30th News & Views on the laptop from an airport lounge in Kuala Lumpur. Dude on the go.... :flasher[1]:

That's a wrap for now, hope you -as always- have a great week of reading!

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