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'I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes Unto The Hills' by Alan Dwight.

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I always enjoy Alan's stories, and as a former avid hiker, I really loved this one. At one time it was a goal of mine to explore the full length of the Appalachian Trail, but I never made it back there once I discovered the American West.

I grew up hiking in all the state parks in Indiana - those in the southern half of the state are hilly and rather picturesque - but once I discovered the national parks of the "Four Corners" area in particular, I never made it back to exploring the East. With 8 national parks within a 200-mile radius, I never ran out of places to explore. Throw in the Rockies, the Yellowstone caldera, the volcanoes of the Pacific Northwest and the Cascade Range, and it's a wonder I didn't end up living in the West. Then again, I did meet my wife in California, just after coming to accept that I was more gay than straight. Now, we live in New York City. Life is full of irony.

I didn't even travel to New England until I was already middle age, and any further hiking will have to wait until I get a new pair of hips - which is something I'm not anxious to do. So for now, I'll have to settle for exploring the hills of New Hampshire through Alan's brilliant narration. Thanks to his writing, I could almost imagine being there.

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