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Looking for an editor

Guest Rustic Monk

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Guest Rustic Monk

Um.. So some of you may know I've been working on a Zombie project. I've got enough of the first part done to consider editing it. Its working title is "Zombie" and I've got three chapters to edit (about 15 pages each) and a prologue that isn't more than five pages.

It would be nice if the editor's primary role was checking for inconsistencies. But catching nonsensical sentences and misused words (their, there, they're) is awesome, too.

The editor should have a stomach. As in, gore doesn't sicken you too easily. In fact, it would be nice if the editor always thought there was room for more gore.

An old excerpt of zombie is available for viewing in the bullpen. Here's the link to the Bullpen topic: ZOMBIE EXCERPT

If that one gets deleted, I put the prologue and excerpt on my site. When the main page loads, it's the farthest right link in the menu.

Let me know if you are interested.

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Guest Rustic Monk

I was gonna get up and ask something dramatic like.

Isn't there anyone man enough to take this on?

But the truth is: there isn't. LOL. So, rather than risk offending the wonderful ladies who have volunteered. I decided to say it this way.

So here's a different question: Where am I gonna post this thing if the average AD'er is too skurd to read?

Does anyone know of any websites that are interested in Survival/Zombie genre stories?

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Um... I haven't really edited anything except my stories, but if your definition of a beta-reader would be someone who could check (in)consistencies and do spell checks, then I think I could take a stab at your story. (Anything to read ahead of everyone. :hehe:) However, I remind you that I haven't beta-read or edited for anyone but myself yet, though I do know some, if not all, grammar rules.

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Guest Rustic Monk

TalonRider [Jan] was the editor for this story. I would recommend [Jan] to my closest friends. [Jan] was thorough and detailed. I am very, very pleased.


Oh yeah. . . . [Jan] said it was less gory than [Jan] thought it would be.

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Guest Rustic Monk

Seriously . . . am I f


ing DUMB? could this be the third time I've mixed people up. well f


then. crap, i wanted to use more swear words . . . .


. . . :: edits ::

there. we're now at war with EURASIA. so keep your mouth shut or big brother's gonna probe you.

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