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Darkness Shining

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It's kinda sad, but then again, when I wrote this, I was rather depressed. I hope that it's alright to post this here.

A single drop,

Slipping and sliding down her face.

A look of sadness in her eyes,

In her expression.

Watching the world,

As it slowly dies.

People fighting each other.

Fighting for something so meaningless

That it would bring tears to an Angel.

Tears start to gather,

As the Angel continues to stare.

Her heart slowly breaking,

As the world continues to be destroyed.

Tears of an Angel,

Are the rarest kind.

But we have been able to make the

Angels cry out in pain,

As we slowly, but surely,

Destroy ourselves and the world.

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Cool poem, Rose!

Very melancholy, atmospheric and pessimistic.

And ecologically sound!

Nice to read it, thanks for posting it!


Thank you very much. ^_^ It's an earlier poem, but it's still one of my best poems out there. I'm rather happy with it.

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