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The Car Wouldn't Start

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The Car Wouldn't Start

Another great story from Camy, concise and polished.

A departure from Camy's usual fare, this story has a world-weary protagonist whose life is a bit of a mess. Can't imagine where Camy got the inspiration from...

I found it deeply affecting and powerful. Maybe because it's so much in tune with my own messy life???

I strongly recommend you read this if you haven't already. It's great and well worth the reading.


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Most of us tend to drive down the middle. Especially if we drive an SUV.


Yep, this is true. Especially in the country. SUV drivers with 4 wheel drive hate to get them muddy.

I've often wondered why they don't put the steering wheel in the middle of the car. Surely that would be a logical? It works in Formula One.

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Actually, I have found just about everyone I have met from the UK to be quite reasonable about the whole 'driving on the wrong side of the road' issue. Nearly every one that I have asked about it had very nearly the same response:

"When everyone else changes, so will we."

and that seems quite logical and reasonable to me.


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When I was in England about 15 years ago and hired a car to drive out to visit the countryside (driving in London was an experience I'm still trying to forget), I found you had to drive in the middle of the road, most places. There only was a middle. The country roads were so narrow, and had high hedges on one side and buidlings whose occupants risked being imbedded on the font bumper of a passing lorry as they stepped out their front doors on the other as their dwellings fronted directly on the roads. If one tried to drive on his side of the road, he'd either be in the bushes or scraping walls. Meeting oncoming traffic, which luckily didn't occur very frequently, was a nightmare of its own.

So driving down the middle of the road should be a concept well understood there.

Incidentally, I loved that visit. What a wonderful country!


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Take pity on this poor ape who has to drive 22K every day with the worst drivers in Australia.

Just released; it's official:

A NATIONAL online survey has revealed South Australian drivers are viewed as the worst in the country.

see news report here: http://www.news.com.au/adelaidenow/story/0...from=public_rss

They really are bad. :smile:

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