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EURO 2020 Final


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***News Flash***

England are just about (in less than an hour) to face Italy in the final of the Euros!

60,000 (mostly maskless) fans will be packed into Wembley Stadium to watch. Hurrah! says the covid contingent (who haven't paid for tickets as they're too small to see).

Such excitement! The cat is almost beside herself!

Punting an inflated pig's bladder around a field is parlous? You betcha!

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5 hours ago, Ivor Slipper said:

Hate to say it, but I thought the better team won.😞

I think it was swings and roundabouts. Both sides had their moments. It was just a shame it ended with penalties.

And a bloody travesty that there was much vitriol thrown at the players, post match.

And frankly unbelievable that in the middle of a pandemic 60,000, mostly maskless, people were permitted in the stadium.

And now, today, in the UK, this:


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Luckily I totally missed it, then again I have never really seen the point of football. I can think of much better ball games to play with 22 men.

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40 minutes ago, Cole Parker said:

I don't know Mr. Pie, but he seems a bit overly emotional to me.

That's the joy of Jonathan Pie! He shoots from the hip, doesn't particularly mind his Ps & Qs, and tells it like it is. Maybe you have to be English? Although he did do some good pieces on your last President.

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