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All My Angels.....a poem by codey


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All my angels

a poem by codey

in the saddest of times

in the darkest of hours

a warrior comes

bringing hope and love

he marches into the darkness that is my soul

repelling the darkness with the very light of his being

into the farthest caverns and recesses where demons dwell

setting them to flight with the purity of his heart

finding a small flickering flame

he shields it with his goodness

allowing the flame to rekindle and grow

protecting it from the demon breath that tries to extinguish it

a battle won

a war begun

a call goes out

allies come

from around the world the call is answered

from the land of the celts a young giant

from the frozen north a mighty hunter

from the land of the southern cross comes another

one brings caution born thru the wisdom of age

teaching the virtues of patience and restraint

the neccesity of perserverance

and the folly of impulsiveness

there come three sons of different deserts

bringing weapons of love, honor and loyalty

two warriors from the wooded hills

bringing the powers of mirth and humility

one child of coastal woodlands

a spirit forged in goodness

tempered with the oil of compassion

bolstered by the faith of the just

one brings strength from mid-western grasslands

strong of character and strong of heart

he comes girded for battle

bringing his gift of song

opposing forces gather

old foes...good and evil

attacked from within and without

the allies hold

with the fire of determination

the demons are routed

old scars reopened are salved

new wounds are dressed

the demons weakened, the allies gather

feeding the flame with their strength

keeping the demons at bay with their presence

all my guardians..all my angels

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