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Another World

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‘A  new short story,  "Another World," will be posted on Wednesday. Since it's somewhat different from what I have attempted before, I'll be interested in reactions.  Alan’

I've been sitting out here in the woodlot since the weekend, Alan, and so far nothing.


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Like @Camy. I was left with a bunch of questions:

  • How did the father know there was danger of some kind in the woods, and in particular what did he know about the earlier men or boys who had disappeared?
  • What was the reaction of the mother and father to discovering that Riley had left?   If they were always arguing and fighting before, how about now?
  • With no apparent means of support, how was the father able to be drinking all the time?
  • What are things really like on "the inside"?  
  • How was Noah able to heal Riley?  What other special powers does he have?  Will Riley acquire any new ones after crossing?


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I certainly see the romance, and the Peter Pan qualities, but there was a lot to wonder about.

I am wondering whether the father had some previous tie with the folks inside the Shimmer boundary, and was perhaps expelled because he was an ass.  That would certainly explain how he knew about the place, and wanted to keep Riley away.  It might also explain his resistance to adding electric power to their dwelling.


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6 hours ago, Cole Parker said:

Nothing in the story says the father knew about the Shimmer.  Just that the woods were dangerous.

Nothing in the story contradicts that theory, either.  So if we readers have to fill in so many blanks in our wonder and romance, I can choose to fill them in that way.


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