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One Moonlit Night

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I've been thoroughly enchanted by this story and am surprised that no one's discussing it here. It starts out on a rather serious note with a couple of boys who grow up together in a small Pennsylvania town, and then nearly stop talking to each other after a little sexual experimentation, each when they realize they want to go further. Just as the main character decides he needs to discuss his feelings with his best friend, an aggressive bully beats the shit out of "the little fagot", putting young Scotty into a coma for a short time. This gives Bash some time to think about things, and to talk to his favorite uncles about being gay.

The story unfolds beautifully, and shows a wonderful sensitivity as the two boys and their friends grow up over the next few years, in the early nineties. They are unusually kind hearted, and Scotty even choses to recommend leniency to the judge in the case of his attacker - a move that will have a major positive impact in what would have otherwise been a wasted life.

The story has touched on some other serious issues of late, including physical child abuse and teen suicide (not in our protagonists, but in a close friend). I can highly recommend this story to anyone who isn't already reading it.

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Thanks for the 'heads up' Altimexis. Unfortunately, I'm finding it hard to get ANY reading done right now, with my current schedule. But it's nice to know where to head for once I get some time. :icon_geek:

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