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How another poem from newby Codey


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Hi guys...I posted this in another forum on Awesome Dude and thought I'd post it here too. Codey


a poem by codey

How can four souls so filled with love

just suddenly be taken away?

And what was the wrong committed

that demanded this price be paid?

How can a God of infinite love

take them but make you stay?

And how do you stop the feeling

that you have been betrayed

How do you cling to happy moments

with those you held so dear,

when every word or every sound

reminds you they're no longer here?

How can the memory of those so beloved

grow dim and slowly fade?

like will'o-the-wisps blowing in the wind,

like promises yet unmade

How can those who've known no such loss

have the right to tell me how to feel?

What makes them think they have the answers

and that what I feel isn't real?

How can things once thought beautiful

now always seem so stark

and why does a day filled with sunshine

now always seem so dark?


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