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“Cobey Hodson” by Caleb Wilson

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I could not find an existing thread for this story although it is a Pick from the Past. 

It is a definite roller coaster but a lovely read.  And not too long.  Indeed, I believe there are some alleged short stories here that are longer.

Curiously, we never learn much of significance about Mitch's parents, other than that they are obviously quite affluent.




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  • Rutabaga changed the title to “Cobey Hodson” by Caleb Wilson

I am new, but I have read the forum and this story, I have never joined the forum, until now. 

Here s what I wrote to the author:

Hi Caleb,
I read your short story and liked it. I thought it could have been longer and more developed, plus the switching from third person to first was a little odd, but I still liked it, because of Cobey, and because you made it more real than most authors, I think, although I haven't read very many, but when Cobey and Mitch first had sex it seemed real because they both came quickly, not like in porn but like in real life, at least that's what I think.
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