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"Border Wolves 4" by Nicholas Hall

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The "Border Wolves" series provides the kind of guilty pleasure that is hard to resist -- romance, fantasy, and plenty of sexual activity.  Not a whole lot of profound philosophical content or enduring life lessons . . . just a really fun read with engaging good guys and really bad bad guys.

It is undoubtedly best to start out at the beginning of the series rather than joining it in later segments; it will make much more sense that way.


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This type of fantasy story is usually not what I would read, but these stories are quite good and fun!  I have enjoyed all of them.  I got impatient to see what happens next, so finished the story on another site--that's how good it is!

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As this story wraps up, I found myself wondering just how much mischief Gregory had gotten into.  Specifically, when Lonnie got the text moving up the date of the "exchange" and changing it location, was that genuinely from the "buyer" or was that Gregory's doing?


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