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Sammwise and Frodo

Guest rusticmonk86

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Guest rusticmonk86

sammy had a friend named frodo

and followed wherever he'd go

if frodo only knew

there was a rufee in his stew

he'd probably ditch the kid and go solo

After the danger was over, our two heros were still holding on to each other and shivering. Well, maybe not shivering. Samwaise was the only one really holding on to anyone. And it wasn't because he was scared anymore. During the last few attacks on their lives, he realized (while cowering together in other corners) that he really liked the way Frodo smelt. And the way he smiled. He didn't know what these feelings meant. All he knew was that, when he was holding Frodo, all of his fears and questions seemed to fade away.

"Umm, Sam?" Frodo said.

"Yes, Frodo?" Sam Answered.

"The danger's over, Sam." Frodo patted Sam's shoulder, "You can stop holding me now."

"Oh," Sam let Frodo go, "Okay."

He was sad to have to do it. But they had to get on with their journey, Sam wondered if they'd get anymore time to be alone.

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