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By Trab

I was heading out of town in my older Toyota. Alone. Again. Not that I mind being alone, but it’s a rather disappointing path in my life; everywhere I go, I go alone.

As I rounded the sharp bend in the road, having slowed down for safety, I spotted him. A hitchhiker. A hitchhiker? Nobody hitches these days. Should I take my life in my hands and pick up a hitcher? I experienced a momentary frisson.

Strange fellow. His clothing instantly reminded me of Dolly Parton’s song, from way back when; “Coat of Many Colors.” Little patches of mismatching cloth; colors of all shades, and materials from corduroy to satin, denim to silk, smooth to ruffled. Hardly a fashion statement. He was holding a sack. No backpack. Not a sports bag. Not even a good old-fashioned duffle bag. Nope. A sack. A sack made in the same way as his pants, shirt, and coat; patches of mismatched cloth.

I stopped. He was, without any doubt, exciting to see. Gorgeous tan, almost silver blond hair that twisped upwards at the front, and blue eyes that would rival tropical ocean waters. In fact, beautiful, if you appreciate guys, which I do. I appreciate them from afar. Always alone. Always afar.

He opened the door, and bent down to look in, and our eyes locked. There is no other word for it; locked. I couldn’t look away, and neither could he. It was a tableau that couldn’t last, but it lasted a lifetime, nonetheless. My inner being was twisted, moved, shifted, displaced, as I felt something I had never experienced before. I think the feeling was mutual.

Sound returned to my universe, and he smiled, and said, clearly, “Trail.”


“Trail. My name is ‘Trail’.”



“I think I’ve just found my new trail. Will you join me on my journey?”

Trail smiled, and slid into the passenger seat, throwing his sack in the back, “Indeed, I will.”

Copyright by Trab, 2008 All rights reserved.

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I love flash fiction (writing it and reading it). Pathway is great. And, like a lot of flash fiction, it begs to be expanded into a longer story. Hint! Hint! Nudge! Nudge!

Colin :wink:

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Pathway is beautiful. Really, really good. I'd agree with Colin in so far as it could be re-written as a much longer piece. However, as it is is perfect. You've said it all, and imagination does the rest.



PS 'Twisped' is a word I've never heard before - and I can't find it in a dictionary, either. 'tis a good and worthy word you've put together ... a Trabby word. ;)

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Thanks, Camy. I did make up that word, but it seemed like just the right thing to describe what I meant.

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