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Hello everybody 👋

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First, a confession: me and a friend have hung around here and never taken part, only read the stories, well some of those you guys recommended or were listed as blasts from the past.

Luca was the first to take the plunge and post, but it got screwed up by the system. He wants to be a writer like you guys, which I guess pushed him to join. Then nothing.... it's nobody's fault, but the registration system kind of has a glitch in it. Eventually, yeah, I admit, some time later, and only because I wanted to post a comment, I tried joining myself. Failed again. But I am more persistent and picked the last guy to post a comment on the forum. And boy was I lucky to fall on a really nice guy, thanks loads Cole. He replied straightaway and contacted Mike and did lots to work it out. And thanks to Mike for doing whatever he did to approve the registration. I messaged Luca today, he's enjoying sun, sand, and sea, with the folks. I hope he's being careful!

I just wanted to introduce myself and say hello 😁

We, Luca and me, are hoping to have some interesting discussions here. We have tons of questions for you all, but we will get to all that later. That's me for now... 



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1 hour ago, Camy said:

HIYA! :w00t:

If I were a vampire I'd be totally stoked because... FRESH BLOOD! :wav:

A willkommen, a bienvenue, and a jolly well welcome to you both!


What do you mean 'if you were a vampire.' Don't try to hide your true nature, we can all see you liking your lips.

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Just looked at a list of dangerous birds. Emus came in at number two, immediately behind their cousins, the cassowary. 


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Who knew, Emu?

Be wary of the emu
vicious beyond belief,
exceeded only by his cousin
the cass for causing grief.
If you’re bent to hang about
with some such flightless fury
be sure to wear protective gear
and serve him lots of curry,
for curry soothes the brutal bird
by purging all his pipes and core
and leaving, for the mo at least,
a friendly chum with a heart that’s pure--
tho  he soon reverts to savage beast
plugged anew, about to burst his pants
from eating all those goddam ants.

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