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Garden of Love


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Garden of love

a poem by Codey

A meeting of minds,the melding of hearts,

a blending of souls is how love starts.

The loss of laughter, a lack of respect

and a failure to make amends,

leads to constant strife and broken hearts

and is surely the way love ends.

All's right with your life and all seems to mesh

when hearts are warm and love is fresh.

But discord arises when hearts grow cold,

then comes resentment, if you let love grow old.

The garden of love must always be tended

for love that is withered might never be mended.

So, at the end of the day if you're on your own,

remember love's fragile and cant stand alone.

You can look for excuses or just blame fate,

but the sad truth is

real love cant grow

in a heart that you've planted with hate.

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