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Ben Blue

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darn...me and those stinking to,too,twos....they're next on my list after I get rid of those 'y's. I even have trouble with them in french and I don't even speak french!!!

Good thing I have such a good proofreader/editor!!! :wink:

As someone would say, good on ya Ben!


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"A bit odd," The tattooist thought,

About giving a tattoo that taught

A grammatical lesson

In ink on one's chest when

The wrist'd be a much better spot.

"It's quite simple," The customer replied,

"This way the tattoo can hide;

Despite good intentions,

Teachers have apprehensions

About ink on the wrists come test time."

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He's right, the tatooist thought

and applied the tatoo that the lad sought.

But when it came time to choose

which to,too,two he should use,

the lad learned it had all been for naught.

For when writing a post for the dude,

he had to be very nearly nude.

And try as he might,

the words weren't in site.

Without a mirror he was totally screwed.

He thought as he slowly re dressed,

I must venture forth on a quest.

I must search high and low

for a mirror to show,

the words tatoo'd on my chest.

He found a mirror in the room he searched first

but when he used it his luck he loudly cursed.

This cannot be,

for the words that I see

in the mirror are completely reversed.


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The solution, it seemed, would be tough;

The ink on his chest not enough.

And to have them removed,

These rules he'd tattoo'd,

Would cost more than he'd make in a month.

"Two the bank!" He declared with a start,

"Too the bank!" Now with rage in his heart.

"To the bank!" Screamed at last,

"With a gun and a mask,

For the cash to get rid of this art!"

But on the way to hold up the bank,

He decided against the whole prank.

"T'would draw questions in prison

And not help my position;

With a tattoo like this, I'd get shanked."

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Seems our little storey has taken two seperate paths....first a response to Aj and one to ele this afternoon after school

Two mirrors!! A plan oh so grand!!!

But it turned out to go not as planned.

He couldn't type unless he chose

to type with his nose.

You can't type with a mirror in each hand.

This is way cool guys!!!!!


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Now a response to ele's thread....

Since prison life surely would stink,

the lad knew he needed to think.

It shouldn't be too tough

if he thought hard enough,

to find a way to get rid of that ink.

He found a log to sit on and ponder.

As he thought, he let his mind wander.

If he didn't get this resolved,

if it continued unsolved,

then his life he was destined to squander.

Beginning to feel quite depressed,

there was one thing to which he'd attest.

There was no one he knew,

except good ole Ben Blue,

who'd love a man with tattoos on his chest.

Was this all his nefarious plan?

One that I did not understand?

Did good ole Ben Blue

find fault with adeux

to get his hands on a tattoo'd man?



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(Back to the "two mirrors" storyline)

Nose-typing seemed possible at first,

But then took a turn for the worse.

When he tried to hold "shift",

One hand-mirror slipped,

Hit the ground and to pieces did burst.

"Perfect." The typist exclaimed,

"Seven years of bad luck on the way.

If I'd paid attention

To my grammar lessons

My life could have turned out okay."

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There's a lesson to learn with the Blues,

About which spelling of a word to use.

Now it is good to so carefully choose,

Among the to, too, and two's.

But if you aren't into tatoos,

Then washable ink ones you'd fuse.

Besides, those ink-needles bruise.

And when tired of it you can refuse,

By soap and water, that ink you will lose.

:wink: -- OK, so it wasn't a limerick....

Codey typed not in prose,

Which mashed on his nose!

While holding mirrors with hands,

Lacking easels for stands,

Broken mirrors won't add any woes.

...Still not a limerick, I must be off my game.

They do rhyme, though.

I'll have to think up a limerick to 'luminate the lit'rature.

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A last comment, which simply could not be repressed:

to wit, if grammatically inked, to hook up with Blue would be best,

For his heart, it would flutter

And i can just hear him mutter,

"A handsome man, AND perfect grammar--I'm twice blessed!"

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