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Mountain Music by Cotton Pickin Kids

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Cotton Pickin Kids

Band members: Giovanni Cipollari plays the Dobro he is 10yrs old. He started playing the cigar box guitar when he was six and then started playing the Dobro at about 7yrs. He won first place in the Nashville TN State Fair beginners musician competition. And placed in several other competitions.

Gianluca Cipollari ( Banjo) is 12yrs. He started out on the harmonica  at about 8 and then started learning the banjo. He has won 4th place in the beginners musicians at the old time Fiddlers Convention Athens State. He also placed 1st with his other siblings in the Nashville TN State Fair Bluegrass Band competition.


Rosalinda Cipollari ( Bass) 13 yrs likes to play harmony fiddle and sings harmony and lead. She has placed in several competitions including many Bluegrass band competitions  with the rest of her siblings the past couple of years.


Cecilia Cipollari (Guitar) 15yrs  started playing guitar at 10 yrs she has played backup and fingerpicking guitar in their band and has backed up all her siblings in rhythm in all their competitions.


Therese Cipollari (Fiddle)17yrs Started playing the Fiddle at 8yrs has been playing in their band since 2017 and does lead vocals and wrote "My Sweet Home"an original about her home in Alabama. She has placed in singing competitions as well as fiddle and Bluegrass Band with the rest of her siblings.


Savio Cipollari ( Mandolin) 18yrs. Started playing the guitar at 9yrs and then began to learn the mandolin which is his favorite. He has competed and placed in several mandolin and Bluegrass Band competitions. He has also composed several instrumentals. He plays guitar, mandolin, bass and banjo.


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What amazes me most is the mother of these six.  She has four  more younger kids - who sometimes appear in videos.  Married 20 years with 10 kids... and the photo of her on their website shows a really beautiful lady.  I love the family dynamic of Cotton Pickin' Kids.

I got hooked on Bluegrass about ten years ago by the Mizzone brothers from NJ who made up Sleepy Man Banjo boys.  Now they're still performing and have received national recognition.  And Robbie's BF has joined the group as bass player.



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