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Public Apology and Retraction from Blue


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I would like to publicly apologize to codeyspen and to Tragic Rabbit, and to the forum at large.

I should not have publicly singled either of you out.

To codeyspen --

I was wrong to question your motives or otherwise. Your response, and -how- you responded, shows that. I'd like to say I'm sorry for that and the insult to your character it implies.

I do hope you can understand a little why a moderator might worry about such things. In trying to protect others, I should have thought more about your case, too.

You are welcome on the forum, you are not blocked or deactivated.

Your opinion matters, and you matter. Please consider staying and participating.

To Tragic Rabbit --

I would like to apologize to you for ciriticizing you publicly or by PM.

Your concerns and opinions are valuable here.

I hope you also will stay and participate in the forum.

To the forum generally --

Please understand that everyone gets overheated sometimes, members and moderators. We are all human. The moderators have the added duty of ensuring things don't boil over and that members and the forum itself are alright, safe from within and without. Sometimes we make errors in judgment, members or moderators.

Perceptions can be false or true, but no less real or hurtful. They affect how others view us, how we view others, or each other, or ourselves personally. When those perceptions are wrong, they can cause harm in ways we don't realize. That applies to you and to me.

~Blue, as admin and personally, sincerely.

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