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something i'm actually ok at

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first a couple of old poems, then a new-ish one.


Ancient myths of Love and Loss and Joy,

all lessons to live by.

But what do they teach?

Can't understand where I'm

supposed to go from here.

Are there any "supposed to"s?

Can't make sense of

any of it.

Comprehension is one of my strong points

but this time, I falter.

What light should I see in?

Want to understand,

but I feel failure branded on my forehead,

everyone can see.

I know nothing of the plan

or how to follow it.

The more I try to learn,

the worse I am

at life.

(old) AA

Drink yourself to death,

crying over milk

spilled long ago.

Yes, it was all your fault..

Blood alcohol above .08

is detrimental to family life.

Spend the rest of your days

guilt tripping

drink till you're tipping.

Follow me down the alley,

stumbling over how life was.

Mumble what it could have been.

Of all the "if only"s you should consider,

an AA meeting would be it.

If only I didn't have to deal with the fallout.

(new-ish) Oxymoron

We do so many things to

please, make up for our shortcomings.

I identify not with the lifestyle

but the fruitless attempts.

To be

something, anything that would

make you happy,

is the oxymoron of my life.

Not quite sure what

I did wrong and

it doesn't really matter.

Perception is all that counts.

Your words, memories still haunt me,

as if transplanted.

Palm to back I

see the wold through your eyes.

I will never grow tall enough

to reach the mark on the wall.

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