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just wanted to make a note here, because (and i was surprised by this) i couldn't find any comments on how wonderful "Fifteen" is.

t, your writing style is great, the prose feel and the stream-of-consciousness descriptions really bring the reader into the mind of Aidan and i really enjoy the more philosophical insights. so keep it up, i can't tell you how glad i am that you started updating more regularly :) thanks for the great read.

-i'm so adaptable that i can change from plastic into reality!

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i'm going to second pr's emotion--this is really fine writing. Yes, it's a little more sexual than most of the stuff i like to read, but the characters here are very finely drawn, and i love the internal dialogues. Nice work, t.!



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I'm gonna confess... not supposed to have favorites so let me say that Fifteen is among my favorite stories of all we've posted here on AwesomeDude.

T. Scott writes so well and, like Josh and Joel, crafts erotic fiction so well and with such humor that you can't help but love those naughty boys.

Keep it up my friend... er, I didn't exactly mean it like that! :clap: :clap:

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The Dude's been making me read stuff lately and I finally read Fifteen. Damn. Really gorgeous. I'm deeply jealous of the word use-ments the author structures and his lovely strings of English. The sex is beautiful, the boys are wonderful, the situation believable, nothing overdone or underdone. Sigh.

Really excellent. Sweet, sad, precious story.



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