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Fifteen Hundred Miles from the Sun by Jonny Garza Villa

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I'm not a fast reader, I got other stuff to do so it takes time, still I finished this book today. I ought to write a review, but it is a little hard to do that, so I'll give you a few thoughts and comments. I think it would help to read this book if you were familiar with Mexican Americans and the common lifestyle that minority shares. It might help if you know a little Spanish American, you might get more into it if you were even just American and can appreciate the lifestyle. None of that means you can't just read it, like I did, and it's a good story, only I was always a little detached. Not from the emotional stuff, the friendships, the fights, the issues, but the whole lifestyle, it's another world for me. I can kind of appreciate it, but still find myself thinking things like, do young Americans really drink that much, and do they spend all their time stuffing their faces with food, eating junk and drinking soda? Obviously some big part of America does, from Texas to California, and equally obviously portions in Texas are huge, really huge, because they're bigger than in Cal where they seem already large. I can say for certain if you already know the world described in this book and you want to know one struggling gay boy's life story, coming out, coming to terms, facing up to the odds, you'll love it. And if it's a whole other universe, you'll still love it, just not quite so much... maybe!


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