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Holiday Happiness To All

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That's kind of cool, actually. You'd never get that many cats doing the same thing in real life, however, hence the expression "Tough as herding cats!"

Anyway, enjoy a nice day at the beach for us on Christmas, Des, while we freeze. We set a new record low temperature of -18 degrees Fahrenheit (almost -28 Celsius) last night! Brrr... :hehe:

Merry Winter Solstice Celebration, err, I mean Christmas!


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Do those cats all have a tic?


It's not just a tic, it's a tic-toc, they are counting down the seconds to Christmas Day.

Camy did you just...you didn't did you? Here kitty, kitty, Uncle Camy didn't mean to hurt you...kitty?

Rick. I am working Christmas Day, no matter what the weather. (Yes I am a pagan, but that doesn't stop me joining in the Spirit of the Christmas massage. :hehe:

"Good Will to All."

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