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Love Weathers All

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Love Weathers All

By DesDownunder ?2008

Through bright sunlit days from dark starlit nights,

Come icy wind swept snow bounded summits,

Deserted of the gusts of heated plains,

Competing with volcanic clouds and fires,

By the swirling pools of wet wind-stirred skies,

As earthquakes confounding the tempest's rage,

With meaningless vales of desolation,

Destined to yet be calmed rivers flowing,

As gentle lulls form, revealing, waiting,

The aurora, with rainbow's bend, in clouds,

Like Heaven grounded mists, beckoning gods,

To walk upon the Earth, where I but wait,

My ordinary hero to appear,

With his love, and for my need to love him.

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Well, I'm ticked. I posted that I really liked it, but then I see Camy is first there. Then I remembered I'd posted that by Instant Message, and it wouldn't ever show here. Stupid doddering old fool, and I'm talking about me, not Des.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I have corrected the meter, which may have caused some difficulty in reading.

I went to record the poem and found several lines weren't right.

Why oh why do these things not show up when we write them?

We need a poetry checker. LOL


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