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How the Light Gets In by Duncan Ryder

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Duncan Ryder has just posted chapter 8 of his story How the Light Gets In. You can read the story here. This is a sequel to his story Everybody's Wounded which is here.

Duncan's writing is some of the most powerful that I've ever read, anywhere. Some of his chapters will leave you breathless. Highly recommended.

Colin :hehe:

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Chapter 15 of How the Light Gets In has been posted. This is an emotional, gut wrenching story. It should be on the Best of Nifty list, but it's not complete, and there's always a long delay between posting of new chapters. Despite that, do yourself a favor and follow the link in the prior post and read How the Light Gets In if you haven't done so or catch up with chapters you haven't read yet.

Colin :icon11:

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Like the rest of you 'young' readers. I too have to go back and re-read chapters to 'remember' what the story is about before I can go on to the current chapter. Duncan Ryder is one of my favorite authors. His stories are always powerful. I read the first two chapters, and like others, I decided to wait for the conclusion because I read the rest of the story...in one setting. I want to rip my emotions apart in one setting, and I know that Duncan will do that.

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I prefer to read Duncan's stories as each chapter is posted. They are so emotional they're draining, and I need time to unwind and let the story settle into my mind before subjecting myself to the next chapter. He is a most amazing writer. His stories definitely should be published.

Colin :icon11:

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Duncan doesn't post every week... but when he does update How The Light Gets In, he always has my attention.

If you haven't read Chapter 18 -which we posted last weekend - be sure to do so. Matt and Luc are particularly the characters that I find compelling... such different stories. Almost like Trevor and Noah in Triptychs... but then again not.

I have to agree with all of you... Duncan is a great writer, and someone we're proud to have at AwesomeDude.

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