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Aussie Bill of Rights for Criminals.

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From South Australia's Blaze magazine

Have your say on human rights

Written by Will Lowes

Friday, 09 January 2009 16:03

Members of the public are being asked to contribute to the national debate on human rights.

Dubbed the National Human Rights Consultation, people are being asked to give their views on how human rights and responsibilities should be protected in the future.

This includes discussion on a national Bill of Rights.

The Australian Council of Human Rights Agencies chair, Commissioner Susan Booth, said the consultation comes at a critical time for Australian human rights.


Many Australian state government figures have already voiced strong objections to a national bill of rights. SA Attorney-General Michael Atkinson has been reported as saying a bill of rights would only benefit "criminals"...

Please remember that South Australia Attorney-General Michael Atkinson is a member of the current Labor party Government which is sort of saying they are more like US Democrats than Republicans, (or are supposed to be.)

(see full article) While you are there, have a look at this cutie-pie. (Just so you know, he and his boyfriend do sometimes sing together.)

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Des, yoiu speak Australian much better than I do. Tell me,does this line from the story mean what I think it means:

(For the record, their performance of ?Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas? had the candles waving!)


Cole, do I dare presume to know, what you think it means? LOL

Let's just say that we do not have a bill of rights that protects me from expressing what filthy thoughts I think might be going through your mind.

In addition our religious leaders, who seem to be almost in charge of our politicians these days, would be aghast at the implication that our Carols by Candlelight for Christmas celebrations could be interpreted to misconstrue 'candles waving' as a double entendre.

I can assure you that the line is as innocent as a virgin drag queen.


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