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Broken Heart a song by Nate and Codey


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Here's a song a friend and wrote last night

Broken Heart

a song by Nate and Codey

verse 1:

we swore to love forever

and we meant it at the time

we'd always be together

with a future so sublime

but now you've found another

and I've been left with this sad song

I walk alone in darkness

and I'm wondering what went wrong


if there were no stars, there'd be no heaven

if there were no moon, there'd be no lovers

If there were no lovers, there'd be no broken hearts

Now since there is no you , there is no me

verse 2:

Now the moon and stars are hiding

they don't want to see my tears

and the lovers all are crying

for the pain that I feel

and when I now look upward

there's no heaven in sight

my heaven has turned to hell

and my happieness taken flight

verse 3:

will the sun come out tomorrow

and drive these shadows from my mind

will it heal this broken heart

with the warmth it leaves behind

will it ease this pain within me

by the ending of the day

or is this pain I feel

forever going to stay

verse 4:

I know that given time,

this broken heart will mend

but even given time,

these painful memories won't end

but fade into mere whispers

in the background of my mind

forever there to wander

with the dreams I've left behind

repeat chorus

For since there is no you, there is no me


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I've seen your work on Dewey's board and it just keeps gets better and better.

You've got a lot of talent and, as is the hazard with poetry, your soul is showing. Don't worry about it- it shines.


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melancholy love songs,

how come all those lovers, cryin',

when they love so much?

do they love too much?

or does the world not love enough,

that hurts melancholy lovers so?


// btw, Codey and Nate are just friends writing a song.

// Codey and Champ are together.

// Nate's welcome here, straight or gay. Any friend is welcome.

Great job on the song, Nate and Codey. Let us know when y'all have music, too.

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