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News & Views - March 1, 2009


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Hi Gang....

Well here it is March already.

Lots of good stuff happening at AwesomeDude!

Jamie and his super epic serial novel The Scrolls of Icaria are back. The winged lads always lift my spirits... and just in time. Here's the deal, Jamie and editor AJ are working on a production schedule that will give us a new chapter every three weeks. We are so happy to have Jamie and TSOI back that my little Malaysian tree cat, Betty, is doing back flips! And she wasn't even born when Jaimie started his long, long hiatus. Rest assured, though, that they are back. Now I gotta go back several chapters to get a running start at the newest chapter which was posted two weeks ago. Book II Chapter 23 will be posted next weekend.

It's like all home week with Joel starting his Sequel to Mystery & Mayhem at St. Marks. It'll be a chapter a week until completion and a really entertaining tale. Welcome back, Joel!

Rick Beck has set Outside the Foul Lines aside for a bit at a logical pausing point and has started his latest Serial Novel, Antiques and Homicide, set in the nation's capital. Rick's fans are already reacting with cheers for this one.

Jack Scribe is now up to Chapter 8 of Splash on the Web... he cheats gave you the five chapters all at once. That's OK.. NOBODY is complaining.

Chapter 13 of The Price of Friendship by Graeme is scheduled for next weekend, watch for it. It is a most unusual premise for a story and if you haven't started it yet, be prepared for a surprise. I love it!

The latest saga in Family & Friends has begun. It's The Lloyd King Story and we've posted Chapter 2 this weekend. High quality writing and editing of every chapter... Family & Friends has lots of fans, including me.

Duncan Ryder's How the Light Gets In sequel to Everybody's Wounded marches on with another chapter due soon.

After a long hiatus we have Saga of the Elizabethton Tarheels by Sequoyah back on the Current list and congratulations to him for overcoming a serious physical problem and being back in the writer's chair. His characters are great and it's good to have them back again.

Also recently back among our long absent writers is our German friend, Ruwen Rouhs who has started posting his fascinating Buzzards, Hawks and Ravens again. Welcome back, Ruwen.

I'm also happy to be seeing more chapters of Pieces of Destiny by John Francis, a.k.a the Pecman in our AD Forums. This story combines an historical novel with science fiction time travel and has me captivated.

Yeah and even Ryan Keith's long running series about Zac & Kayden is being updated every couple of months and Simon Jiminez is promising more chapters of Don't Let Me Down... let's hold his feet to the fire on this one!

Still waiting for RJ to update In A World of Fools which he began in September. School life must be demanding in the Philippines. Drop him a line as well!

That's a bit of a catch up on our novels. Of course lots of short stories are on the Newest 20 list and new ones by Camy and Bruin Fisher are ready for you ... The expanding collection of Naptown Tales by Altimexis is being updated regularly so watch for new titles on the list anytime.

A few other notes.... AwesomeDude Radio is alive and well with a much larger play list than ever before. We've found an angel for it who wants to help make sure it's always there to provide great tunes to listen and write to.

A reminder that contributions are ALWAYS welcome from our readers, though not required. If you'd like to help pay the bills at AwesomeDude just click on the Kitty in the upper left hand corner of the AwesomeDude Home Page.

That's if for the moment. Enjoy the stories and don't forget to let the authors know how much you appreciate their efforts!

All the best

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Guest Captain Phil

On February 9th 2009, Dude posted the following item in the forum.

"Finally. this is the first mention I'm making in a public forum, but we decided to put a PayPal link in the upper left hand corner of the homepage. If you like what you see here and would like to help pay the bills to keep AwesomeDude going through these 'tough times' you are welcome to use it to make a contribution"

I have personally know the Dude since the early 1980s, when both of us were living in Asia, myself in Hong Kong and Dude in Seoul, Korea where he, like myself, was a very active radio amateur, supporting the hobby and the South East Asia network, where both us acted as net controllers, assisting others throughout the region.

What most of you will not know is that this web site has been set up, run and moderated by the Dude all on his own without any financial help from outside, since its inception in April 2004.

Dude himself is no wealthy philanthropist, and it has been hard work for him at times to ensure that the site runs and operates the way it does. I have been an admirer of all he has achieved in the nearly 5 years since start up. All out of his own pocket.

With downturn in the economy, things have got very difficult for him especially since he lost his job, in early February this year, which provided the wherewithal to pay for this service.

I would like to ask all readers who have enjoyed the many stories on this site to help Dude keep up the service for all our benefits, and would request that you contribute whatever you can to achieve these ends.

Captain Phil


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