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Obama fulfills election policy to reverse Bush administration on Federal funding of stem cell research.

Report from the ABC.

Obama lifts restrictions on abortion funding.

Report from the ABC.

Could same sex issues be next in line on the Obama list?

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Could same sex issues be next in line on the Obama list?

I'm not sure if same sex issues are next in line, but I have a feeling that at some point, President Obama is going to have his say. :)

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Guest Fritz

Regarding Obama's actions on stem cell research funding, there was an interesting article in yesterday's New York times which contained the following.

Restrictions on embryonic stem cell research originated with Congress, which, each year since in 1996, has forbidden the use of federal financing for any experiment in which a human embryo is destroyed. This includes the derivation of human stem cell lines from surplus fertility clinic embryos, first achieved by Dr. James Thomson of the University of Wisconsin in 1998.

What Pres. Bush actually did is figure out a way for the Federal Government to fund some lines of stem cell research that was acceptable to congress. Before Pres. Bush there was no funding of stem cell research by the Feds. The question now is will congress go along with Pres. Obama since they are the ones who were stopping it.

The whole article is an interesting read and isn't very long.

NY Times

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