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Pres. Obama's ministers

Guest Fritz

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Guest Fritz

I came across this article in the Telegraph UK and find it troubling. The article writes about some of the views of the five ministers that Pres. Obama calls upon for spiritual advice. This is the quote that bothered me the most.

Four of the president's inner circle of religious counsellors have drawn the ire of gay rights groups since they are opposed to equal rights for homosexuals and in some cases believe that they can be cured of their "sin" through prayer.

Read the whole thing and decide for yourself.

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This is why I have always had my doubts about Obama's commitment to LGBT issues.

Most politicians never stray far from their base.

Lately he has been showing signs of being another corperate owned President by approving parts of the Patriot Act he promised to veto and siding with his Hollywood friends and the RIAA.

After the first 100 days things aren't looking so good.

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