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News & Views - March 29, 2009


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Hi Gang...

Wow... hard to stay up to speed with all the new Short Stories & Serial Novel Chapter Updates!

Des DownUnder, our esteemed AwesomeDude Forums honcho, has given us a short story this week, Abducted For A Reason. It's right up there in the 20 Newest Short Stories list along with a chuckle-producing short from Graeme, A Week on the Farm... a fun letter written by a clueless young teen (or maybe not) to his Gramps. Don't miss Home is Where the Heart Is by Naptown Tales author Altimexis. Let's see that's two authors from Australia... Altimexis is here in the States... and don't forget short stories by two of our favorite Brits... Communication Breakdown and Graffiti by Bruin Fisher and The First Day and Sansho Shima NaNoWriMo by Camy.

Taking a look at the Serial Novels, we have:

The Scrolls of Icaria Book II - Chapter 24 by Jamie - SOOO good to have Jamie and TSOI back in regular production, posting every 3 wks.

Middle School Part 4 by Cole Parker has been posted. Cole is keeping us up to date TWICE a week, Wed & Sat... You'll love this one.

Mystery & Mayhem at St. Marks (A Sequel) by Joel is moving along with great fun and humor, also posting on Wed & Sat... a fun tale.

Spring Break by Altimexis - Part 3 has the gang of 8 in the US capital - and what a cast of characters! Check it out...

Antiques & Homicide by Rick Beck is up to Chapter 8 and is coincidentally set in Washington, DC. posts weekly on Saturdays.

Family & Friends - The Lloyd King Story by Ron Robbins - This long-running story of several young men continues its popularity. Saturdays

Splash on the Web by Jack Scribe - Chapter 12 is up. A consistently well written story, part three in the Splash series. Saturdays

The Price of Friendship by Graeme - Chapter 14 went up last weekend a story with an unusual premise. Another chapter next Saturday.

Saga of the Elizabethton Tarheels by Sequoyah returned last weekend after a break. He is feeling great and writing regularly. :wink:

Buzzards, Hawks and Ravens - Chapter 14.1 also went up last weekend. A really nice tale from our German friend, Ruwen Rouhs.

Simon Jimenez says Don't Let Me Down Chapter 5 will be here in the very near future. And to celebrate our 5th Anniversay at AwesomeDude (yeah, it's been that long) We'll start a brand new serial novel by a brand new author, Seth Newman, next weekend. And we'll introducing some well known authors to AwesomeDude a bit later this spring as well.

For you authors... as Story Editor Tragic Rabbit is up to his bunny ears in a new enterprise... I'm still accepting story submissions directly at dude@awesomedude.com. If you've submitted suggested stories or actual stories... don't despair. I hope to have all correspondence caught up within the next week... before AwesomeDude.Com turns 5 on Friday.

Glad to say listenership is up at AwesomeDude Radio... if you haven't listened yet, it's easy. Just click on the link from either the AwesomeDude Home Page or from the top of any AwesomeDude Forums page... if you have Winamp installed... you'll be with is a matter of seconds.

Remember to write your favorite authors either using their email addresses or Feedback Forms at the bottom of their stories. An awful lot of work goes into producing the great stories we feature here at AwesomeDude. And you expression of appreciation directly or indicrectly here in the AwesomeDude Forums are all the pay our authors get for their efforts. Don't forget to say thanks.

That's it... from Year Six at AD this coming weekend... we'll make the extra effort to get these News & Views editions out every weekend!

Until next time, then have a great week of reading!

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