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News & Views - April 12, 2009


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Hi Gang,

Now that AwesomeDude has passed the five year mark, it's time to look to the future. Projects for the next couple of months include

    Getting the new AwesomeDude Master Story List up and linked to the front page.
    Catching up with a number of authors who expressed interested in having their stories posted here.
    Update www.best-of-nifty.org website, which is a sister site to AwesomeDude.

But let's take care of business. No new short stories to report this week but lots of updates to our current list of Serial Novels:

    Why Did He Die? by Seth Newman - Chapter 2 from this new AD author is up. Seth has some other short stories and essays for us soon.
    Middle School by Cole Parker - Chapters 7 & 8 are up. Sorry for not posting Wednesday, Cole!
    Don't Let Me Down by Simon Jimenez - Chapter 6 of this unusual tale is ready for you. Keep 'em coming, Simon!
    Spring Break A Naptown Tale by Altimexis wraps up with Part 5 wraps up this week. You can bet there'll be more to come.
    Mystery & Mayhem at St. Marks by Joel Chapters 14 & 15 are now available. A fun look at higher education in Britain.
    Antiques & Homicide by Rick Beck is now on Chapter 10. Rick likes to hear from his readers, be sure to write.
    Family & Friends Series - by Ron Robbins continues with Part 8 of The Lloyd King Story.
    Splash on the Web by Jack Scribe is moving along now with Chapter 14 now available. His title page pic looks like my front yard!

Next week, you can expect updates:

    Middle School - by Cole Parket (Wed)
    Mystery & Mahhem at St. Marks A Sequel by Joel (Wed)
    The Price of Friendship by Graeme (Sat)
    The Scrolls of Icaria by Jamie (Sat)

Sorry to get this posted so late on Sunday, US time... but I -like all Americans- have a date with the Tax Man on April 15th and have been scurrying around trying to make (ahem) a good impression.

Until next weekend don't forget to write your favorite authors and to have a great week of reading!

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