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Forever Kind of Love


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forever kind of love

a poem by codey

When you're home alone and he's not there

but you feel his presence everywhere,

and in a crowd it's his face you seek,

then he smiles at you and your knees go weak.

That's a forever kind of love.

When life gets rough and you're feeling blue

and he shows up to comfort you,

wraps you in his arms and gives you a hug,

you get a warm feeling and feel safe and snug.

That's a forever kind of love.

When you have the flu and stomach distress,

he never complains while cleaning the mess,

he lays at your side ignoring the smell

and silently prays for you to get well.

That's a forever kind of love.

If you're feeling sad he can be a clown,

if you're feeling upset he can calm you down.

He reads your feelings as easily as a book

and can tell what you're thinking with just a quick look.

That's a forever kind of love.

When our life journey's done and it's time to move on,

we'll stand side by side to face a new dawn,

and walk hand in hand into the great unknown,

forever together and never alone.

Ours is a forever kind of love.

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