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Most Awkward Family Photo *EVER*

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Before anyone starts getting really concerned, I recommend you read the comments which accompany the photo.

That the photo could be criticised is more embarrassing to me as a freedom loving individual, than the photo would ever be.

But then I am from an era that thrived on revealing the hypocrisy of the narrow-minded, when breaking down artificial social values of limiting freedom of expression wasn't just radical, it was a duty. When the asinine politically correct were correctable through common sense and satire.

As I said, read the comments, especially those which express their ability to laugh at this so-called, awkward moment.

Now please excuse me whilst I go into convulsions of laughter. :hehe::wink::omg:

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Pretty much for anyone viewing it :)

Not for us Aussies, (well perhaps not all of us, we do have a token group or two of the self-righteous), most of us understand the intended humour and laugh.

As John CLeese said, "We need more silliness in the world," and that's what this delightful family seems to be doing, being silly.

I suspect this photo would be more effective in bringing about world peace if instead of bombs, it was dropped on the world's trouble spots. Osama would probably burst his braincell.


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There is a seriously disturbing element to that picture. I can look at it and see the intended humor, but can also see and feel a strong dissonance. They used real people to shoot that photograph. Real people were involved. The little girl handling her father, the expression on her face, almost makes me shudder. I can see it as she's fascinated by this stuffed costume part, but I can also see it as she's fascinated in a terribly unhealthy way by what it represents.

I think this picture and the feelings it generates takes us to the epitome of who we are, how we were raised, what our cultural values are. As an adult, I've always had a soft spot for children and have had a very basic need to protect them when necessary. I see this picture and those feelings jump out and almost take control of me. I want to step in and ask those adults, "Just what the hell do you think you're playing at here? How is this healthy? How does this promote social or psychological development in your kids?"

Even if this is a spoof, where is the good in telling a young girl to handle her father's parts while they photograph her doing so? And how do you do that? How do you tell her to reach out at take it in her hand? What do you tell her, and what does she think?

I can see the intended humor here, and I did read the comments made, but the humor seemed less important, less salient and germane to me than the outrage. The outrage made more sense to me than laughter, because the picture stirred up feelings in me that were more satisfied by getting angry than laughing.


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I think you hit it on the head when you say the reaction is a cultural thing Cole.

The humour or the outrage generated by the photo maybe taken too seriously by those outraged and too humorously by those who see the joke.

Nevertheless, I think several things need to be considered, not the least of which is that the photo was likely, never intended to be placed in the view of the general public.

The costumes may have been and most probably were, for a private party, back in the (innocent) days (maybe 1970s) when such humour was better tolerated.

The actual action-moment of the photo could well have been a candid one that the camera happened to capture and as one comment pointed out, Dad may well have been attempting to 'correct the girls attention.'

I can't agree with the comment about the need for therapy. The photo is in the class of naked baby photos or candid family photos which are trotted out in later years for the family to laugh about.

Certainly there is a degree of crassness about the photo, but if the family is otherwise devoted, in relation to their cultural time period, to the welfare of each other and the children, I seriously doubt any long term damage to those children.

These and other points are clearly made in the comments including a valid concern with restrictive cultural values that cause more problems than this photo ever could achieve, and indeed, those restrictive cultural values make the photo and costumes appear to be far worse than they are or were.

In retrospect it may best be regarded as a photo that should have been retained in the family album and not made public.

Maybe the real humour is in the fact that it has caused such reactions by its publication, especially considering that we as viewers do not know the full circumstances and authenticity of the photo let alone the costumes.

I have seen families live by the most restrictive religious and political values which have directly caused suicide and debilitating mental illness beyond anything this photo or the costumes, would be capable of instigating.

In the cinema I have seen far worse images than this one photo, including women masturbating over a non-consenting male, tied to the floor. That was truly not in the least funny or entertaining, and yet I know women who revel in delight at the torture inflicted on the innocent man.

I am much more concerned with the portrayal of Mankind's inhumanity to Man, being presented as acceptable entertainment when it patently is not, than a private and I daresay innocent, photo made public for its slightly shocking humour.

The truth is no matter how much we defend our stories on the grounds that we are more interested in the romantic plot than we are in the erotic or pornographic, there are many people who would regard our work as obscene. I don't agree with them but their restrictive view is one they try to enforce on others without any understanding or tolerance and certainly no acceptance.

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I dunno, it's more than a little disturbing. The young boy's "member" is definitely not flaccid while he's watching his sister fondle daddy. Again, there's just too much wrong with this photo on so many levels.


1. Body language

2. Where everyone's looking

3. Facial expressions


Just nothing redeeming about this photo except it is very funny but in a terribly disturbing way.

To address once concern: Careful inspection at high magnification will reveal this image doesn't appear to be photoshopped

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