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New Programs for Fall 2009

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It is always exciting in Hollywood this time of year. The production companies are busy with new scripts, new shows and producing this falls new line up. Here are a few of the exciting new programs we can look forward to this fall!

CSI, Wisconsin

Brilliant criminologists solve crimes with science, style, cow-crap and lots of cheese.

Law & Oder: Kansas City, BVU

In the criminal justice system, beastiality based offenses are considered especially heinous. In the Kansas City stockyards, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Beastiality Victims Unit. These are their stories. Join the Kansas City BVU and night-court as they prosecute cattle molesters.

The Fundamentalist

This Baptist preacher solves crimes by preaching to suspects who can't take it and confess to make him stop.

Idiots In Space

George Bush and Dick Chaney build a space arc called the Botany Bay and flee from earth with the rest of the neocons. Be sure to check out the season opening movie/pilot: The Wrath of Dubyah

Star Trek: the Apology

In this court-ordered rehab program series, Paramount Pictures apologizes to dedicated fans for totally screwing up the Star Trek franchise.

Without A Clue

In this series, the wost detectives in the department are assigned to find missing persons that no one wants to find.

Boston Ill-Legals

In this new shit-com Dr. Juan does his residency at Boston General while his 18 family members live in an RV parked behind the hospital.

Get Away From My Mother!

Teenage sons of single Moms with baseball bats beat the living shit out of Neil Patrick Harris to avoid having his smart-ass as a step-dad.

Dancing With the Has-Beens

In this exciting new reality series, contestants pair up with has-beens and never-were stars to do the Macarena so that people can laugh at them.

American Idolitry

In this new reality series, contestants renounce their religion and sell their souls to Satan for cash and prizes!

America Has Got Flaming Idiots

I think you get where this show is going...

I'm sure that you are as excited as I am at the prospect of changing the channel and missing all of them. Thanks big networks! This is the caliber of bullshit programming we've come to expect from Hollywood. Everything good is coming from Canada now!

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