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The Adventures Of Billy, A Kid


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This is a poem I've been working on for awhille, about a very special little boy....one of my "adopted" little brothers.

The Adventures of Billy, A Kid

a poem by Codey

Billy, a kid, is five years old

and lives out on a ranch.

Billy is the bravest of the brave,

not afraid to take a chance.

He jumped off of the old red shed

into a pile of straw below.

His face was plastered with a smile

as he shouted "GERONIMO!!!!"

When he climbed out of that pile of straw,

the same smile was on his face.

He then took off towards the barn

with the dogs a giving chase.

On the way to the barn he got distracted

by a lizard with a long floppy tail.

It wasn't long until he and the dogs

were hot on that lizards trail.

Thru the sage and thru the grass

that lizard didn't stand a chance.

Billy grabbed the lizard and the lizard bit Billy

then Billy did a funny little dance.

Seeing its' chance for freedom,

the lizard hid in a big pile of rocks.

Billy searched and searched but the lizard was gone

but he did find an old tin box.

Billy came running across the yard,

that box clutched to his breast.

"Gramps! Codey! Look what I found!

I think it's a treasure chest!"

"That box holds more than treasure," Gramps said,

"and is worth much more than gold.

The box holds some of my memories,

I buried it when twelve years old."

Then Gramps pulled out his pocketknife

and gently pried off the lid.

Inside we found some papers

and a picture of Gramps as a kid.

We thought, after seeing the papers and picture,

"This seems like a cool thing to do!"

So off we went on a treasure hunt

for pictures and mementos too.

After placing our treasures in the box,

the lid was firmly replaced.

Then back to the rocks, Billy carried the box

with our memories safely encased.

We reburied the box in that pile of rocks

so that, in a future time,

it would be there, carefully hidden,

for another kid to find.

Then Billy saw an old momma cat,

sitting and cleaning her fur

He knew she had kittens in the barn

and he was determined to find where they were.

He searched the whole barn over,

both up the ladder and down.

And, finally, behind some bales of hay,

the kittens all were found.

But then his mom called " Supper!!"

so he didn't have time to play,

and he knew, as soon as he left,

they'd be moved to a new hiding place

But there'd always be tomorrow

to launch another search.

he'd change his clothes and start the hunt

as soon as he got home from church.

Suppertime was noisy,

as Billy told us his tales.

He told us all about his day

and left out no details.

But as the evening grew quiet,

Billy began to nod his head.

"Bath time Billy," his momma said,

"and then it's off to bed."

He gathered up his bath toys,

including his rubber frog, Toady.

"I've got to go take a bath now," he said,

"or I'll be stinking like Jon and Codey."

I laughed and smacked his butt,

as he left to take his bath,

he turned around and looked at me,

as if I'd done something rash.

He only thought for a second,

then he told me with a smirk,

"Ha ha ha, you hit like a girl,

and that didn't even hurt!

Now you have to read me a story," he said,

"before I'll go to bed!"

Billy complained, as usual,

about having to go to bed.

but before too long, he was fast asleep,

with the story not even half read.

Billy the kid gladdens my heart

in a way that can no other.

He reminds me that life's an adventure,

and I'm glad he's my little brother.

Thru him, I see a slice of my past

and all the things I did,

and I'm happy I have a small little role,

in the adventures of Billy, a kid.

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I don't know if James is serious or not, but I am.

I have a five year old son, and I've read LOTS of children's books to him.

If you can find someone to illustrate that story, you have one damn good childrens book there, Codey.

Catchy rhymes, with a simple story to tell -- it is EXACTLY what kids love to hear.


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