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After School Conversations

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After School Conversations

An unlikely family dialog, by DesDownunder

Place: A suburban home near you.

Time: 4.25pm.

"Hi mom, I'm home."

"Did you have a nice day at school, dear?"

"Same old, same old. Boring teachers, stupid bullies, hot gym bunnies, sexy cheer leaders, hunky football players. Did you now that tennis shorts reveal more thigh when the player jumps, than when he runs? And do you remember Allen, the cute blond kid that use to live next door?"

"Yes dear, I remember him and both his tall, blond, tanned, Swedish parents. They were lifesavers, weren't they?"

"Yes they were, Allen's parents are paramedics now, and they were all at school today giving the class demonstrations on mouth to mouth resuscitation. But the best thing was, they were only wearing really tight skimpy Speedos. We had to choose a partner and practice lifesaving on each other."

"That's nice dear. How did you do? Did you pass the course?"

"Well not at first, because the teacher wanted me to give her mouth to mouth, and I didn't do that very well until she let me practice with that really tall dark boy, Enrico, who just arrived from Italy. He always seems to be in a state of arousal and he has really nice full rounded wet lips which he keeps moist by running his long tongue over them...Mom? where are you going?"

"Mom? That's strange she's gone to her bedroom."

He turned just in time to see his father walking in the door.

"Hi Dad."

"Hi son, where is your mother?"

"She has gone to the bedroom."

"Why, son?"

"I don't know, I was just telling her about my day at school with the Hendricksons, do you remember them?"

"Yes I do, they lived next door, they are paramedics."

"Well they came to school to show us how to give mouth to mouth resuscitation, and I had to practice with the teacher."

"You practiced mouth to mouth with Miss Tyston, the brunette who wears the low cut t-shirts?"

"Yes Dad, but I did it better with Enrico."

"You kissed...I mean, you gave Enrico, the muscle bound Italian kid with the deep olive complexion and the curling pouting lips...you practised mouth to mouth with him after you made out...er practiced with Miss Tyston"

"Yes Dad, is it okay if I go and jerk off now before dinner?"

"Do what ever you want son, I'm going to lay down in the bedroom, with your mother."

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