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Prejudice Strikes Again :(

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Today, my mom's will was read to the rest of the family. I helped my mom write it a couple years ago, and I was to get funds to pay off school loans. She revised it and put in a note saying I was to get nothing because I was gay. The executor read it out loud. My mom was the only one who knew. FML

This saddens me. How crushing and cruel all at once.

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Vengeance through the means of a last will and testament is not all that uncommon.

But this woman has surely crossed the lines of human decency, let alone having vacated her responsibility to care for her son.

She has lost the right to be called a mother, and deserves only to be remembered as an example of how not to treat another human being.

Investigation of the law in regard to contesting the will, may well be advisable.

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Sure the character would be plausible. A close friend of mine has a mother who's very religious, and she threw him out of the house when she caught him and his boyfriend in the bedroom together (at 16).

Technically, she first threw the boyfriend out, then sent my friend to "religious conversion camp" for a year or two. There, he met what turned out to be a longtime new boyfriend, and they both quit the camp, left home, and lived together for another ten years. Never spoke to the mother again until very recently, when another relative died. Even at the funeral, he told me the mother was very distant, and has yet to visit him in his new house. And it's been 20 years.

The mother's not "dark" in terms of abuse or murder or anything, but she's certainly openly hostile, difficult, stubborn, and unloving in many ways. My friend is not expecting to be in her will, either, but it won't be a surprise when he's left out.

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As much as I would like to tell you that I'm shocked at appalled at this mothers behavior, I can tell you that in the South, this is MILD in comparison to some of the family feuds that religious quackery over homosexuality has inspired.

In New Orleans a man that was disowned by his family as a teenager and hadn't seen them for years died of AIDS after a long relationship with his partner. The family went to court and spent thousands of dollars on legal fees and won his ashes. They took the ashes dumped them in the toilet and flushed them.

Another case a teen ager told his father that he was gay, the old man left him in a locked room with a loaded handgun and said that if you don't do the right thing, I will.

In the past families often had gay people committed to quack mental hospitals or insane asylums where they underwent incredible barbaric experimentation to "cure" them. Things were done to them like electro-shock, lobotomies and castration.

Being disinherited is mild in comparison to the atrocities that some of our people have suffered.

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