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Remembering Joey

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Remembering Joey

Here is a 'male' story if ever there was one. A touching tale of the bond that grows between two boys, the deep friendship that lasts their childhood. It is a male friendship, nothing more, but such friendship is a bond as strong as araldite and beautifully described here. The tragic end for one of the boys is described briefly, baldly, unemotionally, a typically male way of handling great grief.

A great short story, strongly recommended.

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I'm not absolutely sure, but I think this can be part of the Drawn From Life part of the site. James has made reference before to a friend who was killed in Beirut. Certainly the way the story has been worded makes it seem like it's referring to real, not fictional, events.

It's a moving story and definitely recommended.

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Remembering Joey is a true story.

I have been astonished and amazed at the amount of feedback that I've received from it.

I have heard from people describing similar circumstances dating back as far as Vietnam and as recent as Iraq and Afghanistan.

It is a sad fraternity that we belong. I am humbled and grateful that I could, in some small way, speak to that loss.

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The Vietnam war was an abberation in our history. I was there (twice). I know how my peers treated me for being there. I had friends killed there, and the memories of them will never leave me . But the story of the lives and friendships of the people needs to be told, and I thank you for doing just that...to tell of the human side...to let people know that those killed were the boy next door.

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