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Michael Jackson....dead at 50


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I met Michael Jackson at the Innauguration Reception for our mutual friend. Sourth Korean President and Nobel Peace Laureate Kim Dae-jung. He was a guest of honor and I was there as 'special friend' and ABC News correspondent/bureau manager at the time.

Both being Americans, we struck up a conversation about Kim and how we admired him. Michael was fascinated by Korea and with the idea of an orphanage for mixed race kids in the Southwestern Province where Kim was born. He asked if I wouldn't do a little research for him and I gave him my email address.

After exchanging a couple of emails in the ensuing months, I managed to convince him that the folks he planned to work with were not what they seemed and the project was put on permanent back burner.

My impression of Michael was one of awe... he was certainly out of the ordinary, but he impressed me as a decent fellow all through our meeting and subsequent correspondence.

I have always loved his music and always will!

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