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A Gay Teen

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Hi All

I haven?t posted much since I join here. I notice that you got some poets here. Well I tried to do some poetry writing myself. I belong to the White Ribbon Campaign. Raising Awareness about Gay-Teen Suicide and remembering those who we've lost. To that end I have compose this poem. I don?t pretend I am a poet, but I made a attempt. Hope it will make you think. Thank you.


A Gay Teen

Written and compose by Rainbow

As I grew up into adolescence.

I felt a change in my body.

I am concern and frighten.

For I do not know what the changes mean..

As I look around me.

I begin to realize, what they were.

I am beginning to have feelings.

Feelings, for what I am not sure ..

I met a boy with whom I liked.

As we played and laughed together.

My feelings for him grew.

For I was falling in love with him for sure.

My confusion and fear grow..

For I knew what people would say.

About the love I had for him.

Was wrong and not normal.

Why do people fear and despise me.

For I have not done anything wrong.

I can?t help being me.

That is the way I was born.

As I lay on my bed.

I wept in deep sorrow and despair.

As I got up to go into the bathroom.

I saw my father things there.

Now I know what I must do.

As I open my eyes.

I realized that I was in hospital.

I look around me and I saw the boy I love.

With tears in his eyes.

?Why did you what to leave me? he said.

?For I love you so.?

?What you love me?, I exclaimed.

And in a quite voice he look at me and said

Yes I do?.

And in reply I said.. with tears in my eyes

?And I love you too?,



This poem is copyrighted

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Hi Rainbow,

Welcome to the forum. I liked your poem. I too advocate for teen suicide awareness. It's a subject that a lot don't want to address It's almost like not talking about it, will make it go away. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Everyone should checkout the White Ribbon Campaign. http://w-ribbon.tripod.com/. The more people learn what to watch for, the more likely they'll be able to see the signs in a friend or family member. Seeing the early warning signs could save a life. It might shock some to know that, by far, young gay males are the highest risk catagory. I think I'll recommend to Dude to link to WRC from the homepage of the main site. I don't know why I hadn't thought of it before. Thanks for reminding me.


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Hi All

Thank you to the members who viewed and replied to my post.

The reason why I posted this particular poem was indeed to highlight the tragedy of gay teens who try and succeed in committing suicide.

It is tragic for any young person to kill him/her self, but to try and do them selves harm, for some thing (as I believe) we have no control over, its more tragic. We are born the way we are. The fear of coming out to family and friends is so frightening, I know I been there and so have many of you too.

Cody, I agree with you it would be a good idea to ask Dude if he would be prepared to link to the WRC from the homepage on the main site.


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