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Bill Clinton Supports Gay Marriage

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How many faces can one clown have? :hug:

Clinton is personally responsible for one of the biggest roadblocks to gay marriage- the Defense of Marriage Act.

A stalwart defender of the sanctity of marriage that one. HA!

He should put on his big floppy shoes and big bulbous clown nose and GET LOST.

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I thought everyone knew that as far as marriage was concerned, Clinton only paid lipservice. :hug:

No, that wasn't Bill, that was Monica. :icon13:

Colin :hehe:

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No, that wasn't Bill, that was Monica. :hehe:

Colin :hug:

I don't think anyone stopped to ask if he reciprocated, but, either way, and in yet still further ways, he is paying for the lipservice and that is definitely a concern for him. :icon13:

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