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Empty Stomach

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We were at the marketplace,

You and I, and our worn feet:

We stared up at the oranges

And the carrot juice and beet.

There the cookie crumbs

Became one with the dust

And the cheesecake bits

Encrusted on the floor?s pits.

There was burnt milk,

Caramel?s such sweet smell

And there were eyes

And ears, mouths would yell

?Keep an eye on the boy

And a hand on the food?

For as I had no toy

I had a stealing mood.

There was a pit in my stomach

And it pulled so hard

And it pushed and tugged

It screamed so loud.

I looked down and saw my feet

They had no grace

The pebbles stung

So did my face.

The wind was warm

But I cared not.

I was hungry no more.

And so I walked back

To the darkness? of the alley

I crawled on the black

And kept no tally.

It was my home

But for one more day

I could forget the groans

And there I lay:

Hunger torn asunder.

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