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Bravo!Bravo! Bravo!

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Nothing touches me more than talented young people.

Even RAI, the national broadcaster of Italy, has it's own Idol competition and the performance by these three boys, aged 14, 14 & 15 brought tears to my eyes.

See it HERE.

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Try this one...He'll knock your socks off!

Such talent. It's not just his musicianship, but that he can play so many pieces of music, and he doesn't miss out any notes. You can almost hear the words on the songs. Marvellous!

Thanks Rick.

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All 3 are spinto. Tenore spinto, to be more specific (although the one on the left was struggling to match the tessitura of his partners and the middle one is slipping into Baritone range). What's admirable about them is that they have such great control of their vibrato. Not great voices for contemporary music, but they definitely could have good careers in the world of opera, or perhaps with world music. I just worry a bit about the amount of coverage they're getting at this age: their voices could still change within the next three years, and they could lose the ability to sing such high notes. (which is probably what will happen, as their voices are already quite deep)

Let's hope their voices do nothing but improve :). My favorite was the 15 yr old; he has such impressive control!

Maddy (:

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