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My son is gay, but he is also 9.

James K

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I came across this article and I think it is nice to share how the world is changing... for the better... sometimes!


"I know what my 9-year-old son’s “type” of guy is. This is not something I expected to have knowledge of, not when my son was 9, and perhaps not ever. But that knowledge is in my brain anyway, and now I have to deal with it. And as much as it weirds me out, it is so cute to see him when the right kind of boy walks into his life."

I Know My 9-Year-Old Son’s ‘Type’: Pretty Boys With Dark Hair


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I read this piece and I have a bad reaction to it.  I’d be interested to know if anyone else did.

I’m concerned, and more than a little pissed, that this dad seems to feel that it is all right for him to hang his son out for the world to oogle and giggle over (how cute, nine years old and he’s gay!).  My impression is that it is not his son that this writer is all about, but himself.  He appears to want everyone to know just how insightful and understanding he is about his son’s feelings and yearnings and reaching out, no matter how private or personal those feelings and yearnings are.  The writer, full of himself, wants us to know how sensitive he is about this boy’s deepest feelings, and he is not at all reluctant to drag his son’s privacy into the limelight in order to brag on his own ‘insights’.  I call him self-centered and clueless. 

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I find this piece very disturbing. It has a feeling of self-promotion by the father. I don't think it is doing anything to benefit the son.

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